gcg::DialogReadPartition Class Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file dialog_graph.h.

#include <dialog_graph.h>

Public Member Functions

 DialogReadPartition (SCIP *scip)
virtual ~DialogReadPartition ()
virtual SCIP_DECL_DIALOGEXEC (scip_exec)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gcg::ObjDialog
 ObjDialog (SCIP *scip, const char *name, const char *desc, SCIP_Bool issubmenu)
virtual ~ObjDialog ()
virtual SCIP_DECL_DIALOGFREE (scip_free)
virtual SCIP_DECL_DIALOGDESC (scip_desc)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from gcg::ObjDialog
SCIP * scip_
char * scip_name_
char * scip_desc_
const SCIP_Bool scip_issubmenu_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gcg::DialogReadPartition::DialogReadPartition ( SCIP *  scip)
scipSCIP data structure

Definition at line 73 of file dialog_graph.cpp.

virtual gcg::DialogReadPartition::~DialogReadPartition ( )

Definition at line 72 of file dialog_graph.h.

References gcg::DialogGraph::SCIP_DECL_DIALOGEXEC().

Member Function Documentation

virtual gcg::DialogReadPartition::SCIP_DECL_DIALOGEXEC ( scip_exec  )

execution method of dialog

See also
SCIP_DECL_DIALOGEXEC(x) in type_dialog.h

Implements gcg::ObjDialog.