Branch-and-Price & Column Generation for Everyone

The Interactive Menu

Once you started GCG, you can navigate through the menu. All expandable points of the menu are written inside brackets (<display>, <set>, ...) and everything else is just a keyword (read, quit, ...). Switching back to a higher level inside the menu can be done by simply typing .., going to the top level by just pressing enter. Finally, there are also real submenus (the master menu, the explore menu), which you have to leave with quit.

Most often, you will need to change settings. This can be done using set or fix (parameters for fix are the same as for set, thus they are omitted in the list below). If you use fix, the parameters will not be changeable throughout the execution of GCG. If you use set, GCG will sometimes modify some parameters (e.g. for the The GCG Presolving). This also results in the set diffsave command to not only write the parameters you changed (they appear at the bottom), but also some that GCG will always change by default.

You can click on an item to show its description. When searching, the command as well as its description will be searched for.