Branch-and-Price & Column Generation for Everyone

Developer's Guide

The first part of this guide includes a comprehensive description of how things are implemented in SCIP and GCG as well as the interaction between GCG and SCIP, to make the reader grasp what the differences are when implementing own code inside GCG.

Getting Started: Developers' Edition

The second part describes what's already implemented in GCG to introduce developers to existing code and algorithmics.

The GCG Presolving
The GCG Detection
The GCG Branching
The GCG Pricing
The GCG Cutting

The third part describes what features exist to support developers (e.g. How to conduct experiments with GCG) and then takes you by the hand to implement your own plug-ins for GCG. First, the howtos show you a rough outline of what's to be done, and then you can consider some example application projects to get a first basis for your very own project in GCG.

How to use
How to add
Example Projects

For further reading (and coding), we then also recommend the following pages as reference:

GCG Changelog
SCIP and GCG Coding Style Guidelines